202020 Master Mission

What is the 202020 Mastery Mission?

The Mission

The mission is simple. We want to help those aspiring for mastery to get one step closer.

The stories are legendary, and the power of the playbook is undeniable. There is a great thirst for knowledge but very few resources available for our community.

We have selected the highest performers in software sales to participate in this unique format to help us make the tribal wisdom available to all that seek it.

Are you on the Mission?

Are you a sales executives that wants to understand what the most successful practitioners are doing to drive consistent success?

Perhaps you want to earn $m salaries, or become better equipped to deal with the highs and lows, or perhaps you want to accelerate your career trajectory. The Mastery Mission will help you achieve those things. This unique content allows you to learn from the most revered sales professionals on the planet.

What is 20-20-20?

20 Guests – 20 Topics – 20 minutes

Every episode is a deep dive on a specific topic chosen by our guests. We asked them an important question:

“What topic has had the biggest impact on your career or is there a common challenge in the industry that you have a unique approach to?”

In this short format (each episode is 20-29 minutes) we explore the topics that have had a transformational impact on our guests as they share their secrets to success.

2 Recordings for each guest

Each of our guests records two sessions.

Session 1: The Knowledge (Part 1)

The first session is a conceptual exploration of a chosen topic and we cover 3 very important things:

Why – What is the benefit of mastery to our audience?

What – The detail of how exactly you can achieve mastery

Things to try – Every episode has practical takeaways.

Session 2 : The Stories (Part 2)

The second is a story with real live examples of where they have applied the concepts.

Immerse yourself in the real life war stories that have been career defining for the highest performing sales professionals in the SaaS industry. What are the situations where the advice has worked, and what scenarios have had the greatest impact . The bonus recording brings the concepts to life in a unique format exclusive to Hunters and Unicorns.

Each session is available to download separately but will be released in the same week.

Featured Guests Include:
    1. Kaplan – President and Managing Partner, Force Management
    2. Rob Watson – VP of Sales, Observe Inc
    3. Keith Butler – Chief Revenue Officer, Observe Inc
    4. Lauren Ball – VP of Commercial Sales, Auditboard
    5. Bart Van De Burgt –  Regional Vice President, Zscaler
    6. Bernd Mahrelein – Regional Vice President, Lacework
    7. Espen Sjaavik – Regional Vice President, Zscaler
    8. Ceire McQuaid – Regional Vice President, DataRobot
    9. Stuart Simmon – Regional Vice President, Lacework
    10. Kirk Giddens – VP, Mid-market sales – Tripactions
    11. Florian Baelmul – Vice President, Zscaler
    12. Thea Mayes – Major Accounts Executive, Snowflake
    13. Mike Earnst – Area Vice President, Snowflake
    14. Ryan Precious – Vice President WW Sales, Rockset
    15. Mike Musselman – Senior Director of Technology Alliances, Lacework
    16. Kyle Kearns – Regional Sales Director NEUR – Starburst
    17. David M Boyle – Strategic Account Executive, Aware
    18. Ben Duggan – Sales Director, Snowflake
    19. Andy Whyte – Founder of MEDDICC
    20. Alex Alleyne – Regional Sales Manager, Lacework