H+U 202020: Episode 5 of 20 – Bart van de Burgt – the 3 Why’s

Welcome to Hunters and Unicorns, 20/20/20 Mastery Mission.      20 topics, 20 guests for 20 minutes.      We’re here to unlock tribal wisdom from tech sales legends to help you get one step closer to mastery.    Today we are joined by Bart Van De Burgt, Regional Vice President, Benelux & Nordics at Zscaler, the leading cloud security […]

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#006 Mauro Trione – Work-Life Balance vs Career

“Do you need to be a specialist in something to sell it? No. You need to know how to sell, learn what that product can do for a customer, and then apply the playbook, and you can be successful.”  - Mauro Trione  Hunters and Unicorns shares the playbooks from leaders, founders, executives and investors from high growth technology companies.   In this special edition series The 33 CXOs we investigate the […]

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