#014 – Keith Butler – In Pursuit of Excellence

“I love doing this. I love building sales teams. What do I want? I want to build a big company so that we can have great customer success and we can go win together, that’s what it’s about.”  – Keith Butler  Hunters and Unicorns shares the playbooks from leaders, founders, executives and investors from high growth technology companies.   In this special edition series The […]

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#003 The 33 CxOs – John McMahon Interview

“A great leader motivates through understanding your strengths, your weaknesses, your desires, your motivations, your insecurities, your goals and then they use that to drive you, to motivate you, to appeal to you, to persuade you to do things not only for the betterment of the company, not only for the betterment of the leader, […]

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The 33 CxOs Special Edition vodcast – #001 Brian Blond

FULL TRANSCRIPT: Scaling Sales Organisation with Maths Vodcast Link : Podcast Link: Simon Kouttis: 00:01:84  “Hunters and Unicorns” is a podcast that tells the stories of the most successful executives within the high growth software space. 33 BladeLogic sales execs have gone on to become CXOs at the top 100 fastest growing software companies. Is this a remarkable […]

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