Talent mapping and salary benchmarking

Talent Mapping and Salary Benchmarking Services

Knowledge gives you the context within which to make the most informed business decisions.

Our SOAP Stars resource is the culmination of years of technological development, painstaking research and a dedication to data accuracy. It’s a view of the talent market unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere, the most comprehensive search lead market mapping services available. It includes competitor analysis, salary benchmarking and even market feasibility studies.

These campaigns are delivered on a project basis and can be wrapped around a recruitment search or conducted independently.

For obvious competitor reasons we cannot go into too much detail here, but to find out more about this service and the significant impact it could have on your business contact us today.

When do I need ‘SOAP stars’ service?

When you need reassurance on salary levels.
If you find yourself losing candidates to competitors.
If you want to attract candidates from your competitors.
When thinking of expanding into a new territory.
When you need to understand the sales opportunities of a new market.
When planning an expansion campaign.
In situations when head count is limited and you want to maximise impact.
Where there is a highly competitive talent pool.
In a cutting edge market.