Executive search style recruitment services

Back to (not so) basics

When you’re looking for the very best talent in your market you’ll need the very best executive search team on your side. Our consultants have sourced the individuals and teams that have launched cyber security start-ups and helped to float some of the most recognised brands in the industry. Our consultants have tackled the largest and most complex multi-region campaigns, and they can do the same for your business.

While SOAP is all about breaking the recruitment mould through innovative talent acquisition services, we hale from traditional recruitment backgrounds, so can also offer an elite headhunting service with all the familiar trimmings, topped with an element of SOAP magic.

If your preference is to stick with what you know, then our Executive Search service is the one for you.

Go Retained

If you want to guarantee results, no ifs, not buts, then the way to go is retained. This makes us completely accountable for the delivery of exactly what you ask for. A pre-search consultation ensures that expectations are set and understood from the outset. Our retained teams operate in a methodical and structured way, and this service affords the deployment of a bigger team able to cover more ground. We leave no stone unturned to find the person or people you are looking for and you will have full visibility on the campaign throughout.

A little additional SOAP magic

While traditional in form, we add a little extra SOAP magic to our Executive Search service by leveraging video-based technologies and social media to engage with candidates in a different way. We are also actively exploring the use of AI and machine learning to more rapidly scan the market and assess candidate suitability against specification criteria.

Our ambition is to create the most efficient and innovative recruitment service in the market with the highest output per person in the industry.