Nicoel Stark Episode 3 Culture Crunch

Culture Crunch Episode 3 – Ni’coel Stark – Innovation and the Future of Leadership

Welcome to Culture Crunch.  

We’re here to showcase leaders within People and Culture and explore how the fastest growing tech companies are amplifying performances through increased employee engagement. 

By highlighting and celebrating the executives driving the evolution within the highest growth software companies in the world, we aim to uncover: 

  • Why engagement is critical  
  • The importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion  
  • How to achieve true scale by attracting a diverse workforce of A Players 

Today we are joined by Ni’coel Stark, Organizational Systems Officer and Decision Intelligence Coach, to discuss her thoughts on the key human challenges connected to working in a highly innovative tech environment and how to improve company culture in line with technological advancement through innovation of current workplace systems. 

The biggest problem that companies have is when their brands do not match who they are because brands tend to be descriptions of values and principles yet who they are as humans inside a company are not that. Company culture is simply when we match who we say we are, and I think that that requires a human centeredness that is above the product or service that we are providing. Who we are as a company in business is equally or more important than what we produce. 

Ni’coel’s professional life focuses on relationships and technology that power the future of culture, human systems, and innovation. As a thought leader in this space, she recognizes the importance of authenticity in relation to company values and has witnessed the human cost associated with the widening gap between product innovation and cultural evolution.  

Having observed a dramatic rise in anxiety amongst employees in the tech sector in recent years, Ni’coel believes that current workplace systems need to be updated to enable employees to adapt to new circumstances propelled by science and technology. Challenging leaders to rethink the way they are building their companies, especially in terms of communication and constructing an authentic brand identity, Ni’coel puts forward three philosophical pillars designed to progress organisational and operational systems and drive cultural development in the workplace from a more holistic standpoint.  

Reflecting on the key challenges associated with merging technology with the human experience, Ni’coel offers a variety of tools and techniques to help you empower your employees, build trust, and transform your workplace culture. Listen to discover how to leverage intelligence within your ecosystem and achieve the positive culture you envision for your team by putting your people at the centre of your organisation.