WHAT IS Talent-Acquisition-as-a-Service?

We are approaching recruitment with a blank canvass and challenging the diminishing standards which have become conventionally acceptable. Our impact will be to trail blaze new services backed by cutting edge technological advancement.

We put you, the client, in the driving seat, providing you with a totally different way of sourcing and selecting the very best people for your organisation.

We will explore social mediums to bring the best candidates into direct contact with the most compelling organisations and break the recruitment challenge.

Placement fee-based recruitment has its place, which is why we still offer it as one of our solutions. Our vision is to bring a new harmony between the recruitment agent and the client.

SOAP offers tailored recruitment services that will enhance whichever talent strategy you decide to explore. We guarantee to lower your costs and maximise your market penetration.

Our consultants have over 35 years’ experience in executive search between them within the vendor cyber security sector. We have successfully tackled the largest and most complex multi-region campaigns, found the talent that has helped to launch numerous cyber security start-ups and float some of the most recognised brands in the industry.

Our role, is to help you to break away from agency dependency, to provide you with the tools and support, the specialist consultants and virtual services to master talent acquisition in-house with us by your side.


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